Customized programs for each client that provides the level of service that best suits their community.  You don’t have to “fit into our box” – we create the “box” to fit your needs.  Our programs can provide, among others,  any combination of the following services:

– Customer Service: 
  • Answer calls and inquiries from Association members 
  • Our telephones are answered by people – not machines
  • Outside of normal hours we have an emergency answering service 
  • We dispatch appropriate service vendors, when appropriate 
  • Follow up call to member with status/update on issue 
  • Property inspections to ensure compliance with documents 
  • Warning letters to resolve infractions of covenants 
  • Periodic reports to Board of all calls and letters

– Administrative Services: 
  • Attendance at all Board meetings 
  • Preparation of meeting minutes following meeting 
  • Preparation of all materials for Board Meetings 
  • Preparation of all materials for annual meeting and election 
  • Work with Association professionals as needed (i.e.: legal counsel, consulting
    engineers, insurance agent, accountants, etc.)

– Accounting Services: (see additional details)   
  • Billing of Association fees (coupon books) 
  • Collection of all fees 
  • Statements to members & past due collection letters 
  • Preparation of annual budget 
  • Periodic review of reserve status and recommendations to Board 
  • Receipt of invoices from vendors and professionals 
  • Review (accuracy check), coding and initial approval of all invoices 
  • Preparation of checks in payment of invoices for vendors and professionals 
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations 
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements for Board review 
  • Prepare materials for and cooperate with CPA firm for annual audit

 – Vendor Relations: 
  • Preparation of bid specifications 
  • Distribution of specifications to several qualified vendors 
  • Receipt and Analysis of vendor’s bids 
  • Preparation of high-level cover sheet for presentation to Board 
  • Communication with vendors – send letter awarding bid 
  • Review of all contracts before presentation to Board 
  • Ongoing review of contractor’s performance 
  • Receipt and review of certificates of insurance from all vendors 
  • Addressing any Board/homeowner concerns with vendors

 – Other Services: 
  • Preparation of periodic newsletter 
  • Subscription to I*ON Weather to ensure accurate snow billings 
  • Subscription to I*ON Weather to get advance notice of storms 
  • Mailings to community